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Innovative sealing technology to enable the manufacture of mono-material spouted pouches that are designed for recyclability and help advance plastic circularity goals Dow and Menshen, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of caps, closures and single-serve capsules, announce the new transformative Reverse Spout Sealing Technology that enables the production of spouted pouches made of mono-material […]

The current trends surrounding packaging got me thinking. Are we seeing a reversal of many things, not just packing, but in general to a more simplified situation?  I have worked for over 30 years in the caps and closures industry, (Thank you Mr Parker, Re: Dragon Plastics!). When I started out many caps were simple […]

Doubly important – anti-choke and childproof closures also need to be suitable for senior citizens It all began sometime in the 1970s or thereabouts. A detergent manufacturer had the idea of providing his products with a closure that couldn’t easily be opened by children. The reason behind this was that his cleaning agents often smelled […]

Flexibility’s In Demand

Packed in a pouch – lots of good reasons in favour Recently at the supermarket: Strolling through the aisles, it really hit me how differently the various products are packed – the range of options is really impressive and interesting. We have already reported in detail on the actual usefulness of packaging. Bottles, tubes, jars, […]

Packaging Matters

How appropriate and environmentally friendly are (plastic) packaging materials really? Well, packaging has been in use for thousands of years – in a huge variety of shapes and with a wide range of functions. Every day, Mother Nature shows us that most products get damaged or go bad without some kind of packaging so that […]