Flexibility’s In Demand

Packed in a pouch – lots of good reasons in favour

Recently at the supermarket: Strolling through the aisles, it really hit me how differently the various products are packed – the range of options is really impressive and interesting. We have already reported in detail on the actual usefulness of packaging. Bottles, tubes, jars, tubs or, as here, pouches – the types of packaging are as diverse as the products that are worth protecting. And, in many cases, the packaging has a closure – more often than not one made by MENSHEN.


This time we are focusing on a form of packaging which has become a familiar sight on our supermarket shelves in recent years and has gradually taken over a number of segments – the pouch. Pouches are known under several different names, such as “flexible packaging”, “Doypack”, or “stand-up pouches. For us today, it is simply the pouch.


It all began with juice. Meanwhile though, pouches are used to pack a huge variety of food, detergents, cosmetics, motor oil, and even for surface compound prior to mixing it. So the range of applications is extremely diverse and multifold. But what actually makes the pouch so popular and what makes it stand out from other packing options?


Pouch packs: ideal for the environment and for transportation


After giving the matter some intensive thought, it is really astonishing that there are not lots more everyday things available in a pouch. Firstly, it is environmentally friendly because it can be recycled and even reused, depending on the application. Besides this, a pouch has an 80% lower CO2 footprint than, for instance, a glass bottle. To say nothing of transportation: the pouch is much lighter, requires less space – especially when empty – as well as protecting the environment due to the lower amount of fuel required per pouch. Imagine a truck transporting empty bottles to a filling plant. A truck can hold around 100,000 bottles made of glass or plastic, whereas it can move as much as seven times that number of pouches with the same filling volume. It’s simply healthier, more cost-effective and more convenient.  


Barrier meets marketing


That’s the first point. But a decision in favor of a pouch also brings lots of additional benefits when the filling and storage processes are taken into account. The airless pouch enables clean filling in a flash. If necessary, it can be heated without any difficulty to achieve a longer shelf life without the use of preservatives. And once the pouch has reached the supermarket shelf, thin, multilayer laminates with excellent barrier properties provide protection against oxygen, ultraviolet rays and other influences which could have a negative effect on the quality and durability of the product.


On the subject of shelves: Pouches are excellent advertising media and brand ambassadors as well. Thanks to their outstanding stability, they are ideal for the best presentation of products at the POS. In this, they are supported by practical options for reclosing the pack – with MENSHEN weld-spouts. The pouch stands out with an eye-catching, brilliant print and promotional message to match the product, or allows a clear view of the content by implementing transparent foils and windows. Anything goes! Additional advantages include individual shapes and a soft, pleasant feel. An optional euro-hole provides further presentation alternatives at the POS.


No matter how you look at it, the pouch with the appropriate MENSHEN weld-spout is definitely an all-rounder and the ultimate solution.

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