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BARISTA Coffee Capsule

Menshen Packaging BARISTA coffee capsule.

A high performance capsule. Manufactured with Co injected advanced technology.  PP/EVOH/PP material layers are created giving high barrier properties.

No requirement for each BARISTA capsule to be individually wrapped.  Oxygen barrier and shelf life freshness will be maintained via the co-injection technology.

The patented grid gives high levels of sealing under maximum machine pressure.

As we are able to use an injection moulding machine for the BARISTA  multi-layer material, the finished article achieves low dimensional variation. Important for filling line performance and end use in machine.

Aluminium foil is used in the cutting area of the capsule.  Maintaining the high barrier level and the requirements for knife cutting of the BARISTA capsule in the machine.

Barista ensures a perfect Oxygen Barrier   State of art Co-Injection technology  PP/EVOH/PP

OTR 0,0004 cm³/Day/Capsule.

Shelflife > 12 months before reaching 2% O² level