Member of the European Parliament Dr. Peter Liese visits MENSHEN

CDU MEP Dr. Peter Liese from Olsberg recently visited the medium-sized closure specialist Georg MENSHEN in Finnentrop.

After a tour of production, Liese discussed the challenges of existing and upcoming EU-wide packaging legislation with the MENSHEN management team and representatives of the Plastics Packaging Industry Association.
“Over the past 12 months, MENSHEN has made enormous efforts to significantly reduce energy and material consumption in production and logistics. These savings require high investments in infrastructure and can only be represented by planning security and uniform implementation of legislation in the EU,” said Jochen Mahrenholtz, Managing Director of MENSHEN.

At the same time, MENSHEN presented its latest closure innovations, which focus on significant reduction of material use and complete recyclability through packaging made of mono-material. In doing so, the company strictly follows “design for recycling” principles. Already during product development, attention is paid to resource-saving design and recyclability of the materials used.
For example, MENSHEN is introducing a certified fully home-compostable coffee capsule and has further developed new intelligent bag closures especially for lightweight packaging for cosmetics and certain foods, among others. Lightweight or refill packs require significantly less material and energy than conventional solid packaging.

Dr Liese was impressed by the solutions presented by MENSHEN and was informed about various new and recycled materials and their applicability.

Dr. Martin Engelmann, Plastics Packaging Industry Association; Jan Simon Leifheit, MENSHEN; Jochen Mahrenholtz, Managing Director MENSHEN; Ahmet Kocabas, MENSHEN; Dr. Peter Liese, CDU MEP; Dr. Isabell Schmidt, Plastics Packaging Industry Association; Dr. Klaus Skrodolies, Head of Innovation MENSHEN; Eric Dauer, Head of Sales MENSHEN; Lutz MENSHEN, Owner MENSHEN
(from left to right). Le député européen Dr. Peter Liese en visite chez MENSHEN