The switch is easy

The switch is easy – MENSHEN LoTUS™

Packaging essentially has the task of protecting a product, contributing to a longer shelf life in the case of food and providing information about its contents. However, it is equally important that a package is sustainable and easily recyclable in its entirety and thus part of the circular economy. In the case of pouch packaging, this has so far often not been possible at all, or only with great effort, because the film of the pouch often consists of a laminate, i.e. of different materials and layers, and it is therefore not recyclable by type.

Menshen has taken on this challenge and, after extensive testing and research, is now bringing a solution to the market: Menshen-LoTUS™ is an innovative Weldspout that is compatible with pouch packaging made of mono-material and thus meets the legal requirements for sustainable and environmentally compatible packaging and production. The unique design and structure of this weldspout provides excellent sealing quality and a previously unattained visually appealing weld between the weldspout and the pouch. At the same time, production can be adapted to LoTUS™ specifications quickly, without any negative impact on production capacity and at low cost.

In addition to these added values, Menshen-LoTUS™ offers a multitude of new features and benefits that will convince you. Another example of Menshen’s innovative spirit – Sustainable innovative Packaging. Click here for more information about LoTUS™: